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So What's The Big Deal With Certification?

March 11, 2024

So What's The Big Deal With Certification?

If you are interested in taking Lagree Fitness classes, you may wonder if your trainer is required to be certified in order to teach you. You may also want to know why this certification is important. So, here is a breakdown of why working with a certified Lagree trainer is important.

The first reason is safety. Certified Lagree trainers have undergone specific training to understand the mechanics of the Megaformer, which is the equipment used in Lagree workouts, and the physiology behind the Lagree method. This knowledge is crucial for ensuring exercises are performed safely, minimizing the risk of injury.

Next is the effectiveness that Certified trainers bring. They are trained directly by the Lagree Fitness method or through authorized programs, ensuring they know how to effectively implement the workout principles. This means that you get a tailored workout design, as they possess the expertise to meticulously design workout sessions that align with the core principles of the Lagree Fitness method, such as slow and controlled movements that maximize muscle engagement and ensure time under tension. This precision in workout design is critical for stimulating muscle growth, enhancing muscle strength, and ensuring effective fat burning without the risk of injury associated with high-impact exercises.

You also receive an individualized approach. Certified trainers assess each client's physical condition, strength, flexibility, and endurance levels to tailor the workout intensity and complexity. This personalized approach optimizes the workout's effectiveness for individual fitness goals, such as improved muscle tone, flexibility, and cardiovascular health, as well as enhancing the client's overall workout experience.

Certified Lagree trainers are trained to be adept at monitoring client progress and adjusting workout plans accordingly. As their clients become stronger and more flexible, trainers modify the workouts to continually challenge the body, prevent plateaus, and ensure ongoing improvement. This adaptive strategy keeps workouts dynamic and engaging, further motivating clients to pursue their fitness journey.

Another important reason to train with a Certified trainer is the customization that they bring. A Certified trainer can tailor workouts to meet individual fitness levels and goals. They do this by understanding your individual needs.

A Certified trainer begins by conducting a thorough assessment of a client's current fitness level, including strength, flexibility, endurance, and any specific physical conditions or limitations. This assessment forms the foundation for designing a workout regimen that is not just effective but also safe and aligned with the client's personal fitness journey. The trainer's ability to discern and integrate these individual nuances into the workout plan is central to the customization process.

They will tailor their clients a goal oriented workout design. Whether a client aims to lose weight, build muscle, improve cardiovascular health, or enhance athletic performance, a Certified trainer crafts workouts that focus on these specific objectives. This goal-oriented approach ensures that every exercise selected contributes directly to the client's targets, making the workout regimen highly efficient and effective. The trainer’s expertise allows them to select and sequence exercises in a way that maximizes results, whether it’s through increasing muscle tone, enhancing flexibility, or boosting stamina.

As the journey to fitness is dynamic, with individuals progressing at different rates, Certified trainers are trained to excel in adapting workout intensity and complexity in real-time, based on the client's evolving capabilities and goals. This adaptability means that workouts remain challenging yet achievable, which prevents plateaus and continuously fosters progress. Regular evaluations allow the trainer to fine-tune the workout program, thus ensuring that the client is always moving forward at an appropriate pace.

Certified trainers keep workouts engaging and varied. They are skilled in introducing new exercises and formats to keep the sessions fresh and exciting. This variety not only combats workout monotony, but also challenges the body in new ways. This stimulates improvement and keeps the client motivated over the long term. The trainer’s creativity in designing these varied workout experiences is key to maintaining interest and enthusiasm.

Beyond the technical aspects of workout customization, Certified trainers provide personalized support and motivation. They understand the importance of building a positive trainer-client relationship, offering encouragement, and celebrating milestones. This personal connection enhances the workout experience, making clients feel valued and understood, which is crucial for long-term engagement and success.

Another benefit to a Certified trainer is the motivation and support that they provide.  They are not just knowledgeable about the Lagree method; they are also trained in how to motivate and support their clients. They can provide the encouragement needed to push through challenging workouts and help clients stay committed to their fitness goals.

Additionally, there is the quality assurance you receive. Certification is a mark of quality. When you work with a certified Lagree trainer, you know you're receiving instruction from someone who has met the standards set by the creator of the method, Sebastien Lagree. This assures a consistent, high-quality workout experience.

Lastly, there is the updated knowledge that you´ll receive. Fitness methodologies evolve, and Certified trainers are required to continue their education in order to maintain their certification. This means they stay up to date on the latest fitness research, techniques, and safety guidelines, which they can then pass on to their clients.

Choosing to work with a certified Lagree trainer ensures that you are receiving expert guidance designed to offer a safe, effective, and personalized workout experience. This not only helps in achieving fitness goals more efficiently but also that the journey there is conducted in a manner that prioritizes health and safety.

There are a number of choices out there when looking for a Lagree fitness studio for your fitness routine, and that is what makes Level One stand out when it comes to Certified trainers. It is required that at least one trainer be Certified in a Lagree studio, so many studios just have the minimum of one, or perhaps two Certified trainers, at Level One, the vast majority of our trainers are Lagree Certified. Additionally, all of our sessions are designed by and supervised by Certified Lagree instructors. Get in touch with us today to schedule your customized Lagree workout or to answer any questions you may have.

We are always looking for more certified Lagree instructors! If you qualify, please don't hesitate to reach out to us today. Send your application to

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