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The Lagree Method

The Lagree Method is an exercise method on Megafomer machines specifically engineered to strengthen, tighten, and tone the muscles effectively and efficiently without any excess stress on the joints, connective tissues, or spine. Lagree is intense on the muscles and easy on the joints. The method will make you shake,sweat, and sore the next days. Lagree uses tried and proven training techniques and exercises such as planks, lunges, squats, push up as well as unique exercises such as Super Lunge, Catfish, and Scrambled Eggs.

10 Reasons Why Lagree

REASON 1:  Lagree Places an Emphasis on Time Under Tension (TUT) for Quick Results. Time Under Tension refers to the amount of time (1-2 minutes) a muscle is placed under load or strained during a set.

REASON 2:  Lagree Focuses on Slowed Speed and Controlled Reps to Prevent Injury. Lagree requires that each rep take 8 or more seconds and without any amount of momentum. This ensures little to no risk for injury, and muscles do more metabolic work per unit of time than they would moving fast. In addition, participants often see quicker improvements in strength due to the extended amount of time muscles are placed under tension. This method is useful for beginners as well as it allows them to “wake” muscles that are not accustomed to traditional movements.

REASON 3:  Lagree Emphasizes Sensory Motor Training for Expedited Results. By learning how to balance and incorporating balancing exercises into exercise routines, participants can both prevent and heal from injuries, chronic back pain, and other issues.

REASON 4:  Lagree Incorporates Isometric Exercise to Tone and Strengthen. Lagree places a great importance on isometric exercise, which means muscles experience static, ongoing contraction while joints remain unmoved.

REASON 5:  Lagree Utilizes Supersets for the Most Efficient and Effective Results. Lagree utilizes supersets in each workout, which enforces a succession of 2 or more sets of exercise that each target the same muscle group. This allows participants to save time, increase intensity, and take muscles to failure safely and without the need for a spotter.

REASON 6:  Lagree Uses Circuit Training for Cardio and Strength Training Benefits. Participants move quickly from one exercise to the next for a prescribed number of sets or time limit. This allows participants to achieve both cardiovascular and strength benefits as the heart, lungs, and muscle groups are concurrently working. This method allows participants to achieve the best results in the least amount of time.

REASON 7:  Lagree Focuses on Antagonist Muscle Contraction to Improve Joint Strength. Lagree uses a method referred to as Antagonist Muscle Contraction. In order for antagonist muscle contraction to occur, a set of exercises must demand work from both the antagonist and agonist muscles, and when one muscle contracts, the opposite must relax. (Example: When the bicep contracts to lift the arm, the tricep relaxes.) This allows participants to strengthen joints in order to prevent injury and reduce osteoarthritic pain.

REASON 8:  Lagree Emphasizes Specificity to Created Strong, Tight, and Toned Muscles. Lagree places a large emphasis on specificity, which means ensuring each exercise is specific to the type of strength required for each class.

REASON 9:  Lagree Places Emphasis on Overload to Heighten Results. Lagree ensures participants constantly improve their strength, form, and muscle tone. Participants are required to increase resistance, time spent, intensity, or the number of sets. Slowing movements, incorporating additional movements, and reducing recovery periods will also allow participants to overload their muscles in order to achieve results in a quicker amount of time.

REASON 10:  Lagree Mandates a Mind Body Connection to Increase Strength. Lagree creates more nerve endings by asking the participant to be present and focus on the control of each movement by focusing on the muscles working during each exercise. This connection ensures the creation of more neuromuscular pathways, which results in increased sensitivity and strength.


2 wonderful workouts, but different.
Lagree is a high intensity low impact workout.
Pilates is a low intensity low impact workout.
Lagree has Megaformer machines.
Pilates has Refomrer machines.
Lagree does not use any Pilates training principles.
Lagree uses bodybuilding training technique to effectively combine strength training with endurance and core.
Lagree will leave your body shaking, sweating, and sore the next day!

Comparing Lagree to Pilates is similar to comparing sprinting to crawling

-Sebastien Lagree

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