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Preventative Care To Prevent Aftercare

November 8, 2023

Preventative Care To Prevent Aftercare

No one ever wants to deal with a huge medical bill resulting from an injury. From the emergency room visit, the treatment that’s involved to fix the injury, including surgery, and the physical therapy that’s needed afterwards, the cost can be astronomical - even with good health insurance. That’s why it’s so much more cost effective to use preventative care, such as the Lagree Fitness Method. But how exactly can Lagree help prevent injuries? Today we’ll break down the ways it can help strengthen your body and help you avoid those costly medical bills resulting from injuries.

First, let’s recap exactly what the Lagree Fitness Method is. Lagree is a form of high-intensity, low-impact resistance training that focuses on slow and controlled movements that are performed on a specialized machine called a Megaformer. This type of workout is designed to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and boost endurance without putting excessive stress on the joints.

How can this type of training help prevent injuries? One way is by its low-impact nature. The exercises are designed to be gentle on the joints, which then reduces the risk of impact-related injuries that can often occur in high-impact activities such as running or traditional weightlifting.

Another great benefit that helps your body avoid injuries is the muscle strengthening that’s achieved. By targeting and strengthening the stabilizing muscles around key joints (such as the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles), Lagree Fitness can help to support proper joint alignment and function, which may reduce the risk of strains and sprains. It’s extremely common to overcompensate with the uninjured joint when there’s an injury to your hip, knee or ankle. However, this ultimately results in damaging the previously uninjured side. By strengthening the muscles around your joints, you’re far less likely to overcompensate and cause joint damage.

Next is the core engagement that’s achieved with Lagree. Since many of the movements in Lagree Fitness require deep core activation, over time you strengthen your core muscles. A strong core can improve overall stability and balance, which can then help you avoid falls and the injuries associated with them. This is especially important the older we get, as it’s much easier to be seriously injured in a fall.

Another very important benefit is the balance and proprioception that are achieved with Lagree training. The workouts can enhance proprioception — the body's ability to sense its position in space — which is crucial for maintaining balance and coordination. This can help in preventing accidents and injuries. Have you ever noticed how older people tend to lose their balance and fall far more often than younger adults? It’s normal to start losing your coordination and balance as you get older, which is why using low-impact exercises that enhance proprioception are crucial to helping you prevent falls and potential injuries.

Lagree also improves flexibility and range of motion. The slow and controlled movements used in the workouts encourage a full range of motion, which can lead to improved flexibility. Greater flexibility helps prevent injuries by allowing muscles and joints to move more freely during everyday activities.

Mindful movement is another way you can help avoid injuries. How is that possible? Body awareness and mindful movement teach you to be attentive to your body’s signals. This can help you recognize and avoid potentially injurious movements and/or positions. Lagree Fitness workouts have an emphasis on mindful movement and body awareness, allowing you to learn how to be more attentive to what your body’s signals are trying to tell you.

For athletes it’s important to use cross-training workouts to avoid injuries. Incorporating Lagree Fitness as a form of cross-training provides a balanced workout, thus reducing the risk of overuse injuries, which often occur from repetitive strain on specific muscles and joints.

Another key benefit from Lagree is that the method is based on progressive overload. This means that resistance and difficulty are gradually increased over time. These types of workouts allow the muscles to adapt and grow stronger without the sudden increases in load that can lead to injury.

Your body having proper alignment and posture are extremely important when trying to reduce injuries. At Level One, our instructors focus on proper alignment and posture during exercises, which in time help you correct any imbalances and/or poor mechanics that might lead to injury.

What if you’ve already suffered from an injury and need rehabilitative support to prevent any further injuries down the road? For those recovering from certain types of injuries, Lagree Fitness is a fantastic option to help rebuild strength and mobility in a controlled manner. The low-impact workouts help you regain strength and mobility without putting undue strain on your joints.

If you are serious about your health and avoiding injuries that could derail your life, we invite you to come check out the various programs that we offer here at Level One by Lagree. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Lagree student, we can help you to create a sustainable fitness routine to help you achieve your overall fitness goals and to reduce your chances of suffering from a debilitating injury. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the suitability of the Lagree method in your workout routine.

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