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What is the Megaformer?

Lagree Fitness has pioneered the revolutionary, next-generation Evo Megaformer! With this new piece of equipment, we guarantee the quickest transitions, least amount of maintenance, and smoothest carriage ride. The Megaformer is fully patented and is single-handedly changing the fitness industry.

Each aspect of this machine has been custom designed and tailored by Sebastien Lagree himself, making this piece of equipment the most effective and efficient of all the Megaformer models.

The Megaformer Offers a Variety of Hand and Foot Placement Positions

The precise design accommodates an endless variety of hand and foot placement positions, providing users with the optimal machine for maximum fitness movements. To understand the Megaformer's dynamic design, an understanding of its unique features is a must.

Triangular Grips

The triangular grips are built as a single piece, eliminating all downtime, typically caused by switching out grips, between exercises. In addition, the various angles of the triangular grip bar allow for ample hand and foot placement options. Of course, no Lagree Fitness equipment is complete without a lower handlebar for a wider selection of exercise variations.
Triangular Grips

The Grenade Handebar

As such, the Evo Megaformer comes equipped with the Grenade Handlebar, This feature allows users to place their feet on the bar during upright poses for additional stability or their hands for inverted poses to work the upper body and core.
Grenade Handlebar

The Ring of Fire

As if the upper triangular grips and the lower Grenade Handlebars weren’t enough, the Evo Megaformer’s carriage is surrounded by a 360-degree grip ring to provide even more placement options, expanding a countless number of exercise variations.

With the conjunction of the triangular grips, the Grenade Handlebar, and the Ring of fire, the Evo offers more secure hand and foot placement for maximum stability.
Ring of Fire

We have 7 Megaformers at Level One by Lagree!

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