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What is the Megaformer and what are its advantages over other workout machines?

May 13, 2024

What is the Megaformer and what are its advantages over other workout machines?

People who have taken Pilates classes are very familiar with the reformer, as it’s the workout machine used in classes. However, for those people looking for a way to get in shape using a low impact workout, taking Pilates classes on the reformer machine just won’t work, as it isn’t a high intensity workout. That’s why the Megaformer was used by Sebastian Lagree when he created the Lagree Fitness Method. So, what exactly is the Megaformer, and what are its advantages over the reformer used in Pilates and other copycat workout machines? Today, we’ll break it down. 

The Megaformer is a specialized workout machine widely used in the fitness world, and is particularly known for its use in Lagree Fitness. The Megaformer is an evolution of the traditional Pilates reformer. It was designed to provide a high-intensity, low-impact workout that combines strength, endurance, cardio, balance, core, and flexibility training in each session. For example, the reformer typically features a carriage that moves back and forth along a track, has adjustable springs for resistance, a footbar, and straps for hands and feet. It’s somewhat simpler in structure and is used while lying down, sitting, or standing. Whereas, the Megaformer is more complex in design. It features multiple platforms and a longer, wider carriage to facilitate a greater variety of exercises. The Megaformer includes many more points of attachment and handles, which allows for a broader range of movements and positions.

Another big difference between the traditional reformer machine used in Pilates workouts and the Megaformer is the intensity of the workout. Pilates workouts generally offer a moderate level of intensity. While it can provide a challenging workout, the focus is more on precision and flow rather than pushing muscles to fatigue. Pilates workouts build core strength and flexibility, but there’s no emphasis on cardiovascular and strength components. On the other hand, using the Megaformer machine during a Lagree Fitness workout is slow and intense with fast-paced transitions between exercises. Not only will it improve flexibility and balance, increase endurance, but these workouts are designed to keep the heart rate up and engage all of the muscle groups simultaneously to strengthen and build muscles, all while maintaining a low-impact nature to reduce stress on joints.

Now let’s discuss how the Megaformer is different from other workout machines. There are several ways the Megaformer itself differs from other workout machines through multiple unique features and benefits. First of all, the Megaformer was designed to provide a comprehensive full-body workout. It engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously through compound movements. This integration helps improve overall strength, endurance, and flexibility. However, traditional workout machines like treadmills, ellipticals, or even weight stations generally target specific areas such as the upper body and lower body, or types of fitness - like cardio, rather than using an integrated approach.

Additionally, when one thinks of a high intensity workout machine, such as a treadmill, they are aware that the workout is high impact. Unfortunately, high impact workouts are harder on the body, and increase the risk of injury over time. A huge benefit of using the Megaformer is that it offers a high-intensity workout that pushes muscles to the point of fatigue, without high impact on joints. This is achieved through controlled resistance movements that are tough on muscles, but gentle on tendons and ligaments.

Another key difference between the Megaformer and other workout machines is the muscular endurance and strength. Traditional strength-training equipment like free weights or resistance machines focus on building strength. They often require quicker, repetitive movements that might not emphasize muscular endurance, but the Megaformer focuses on slow, controlled movements that maximize time under tension, which is crucial for building muscular endurance and strength efficiently. This method also stimulates muscle growth, but furthermore, it boosts metabolism.

The Megaformer also differs from other traditional workout machines when it comes to the time involved for an efficient workout. Since traditional workout machines are designed for specific workout types, it requires users to move between different equipment to achieve a similar comprehensive effect. The Megaformer is designed for quick transitions between exercises. This maintains a high heart rate and burns more calories, in essence, it combines the benefits of strength training and cardio without needing to switch machines.

Finally, there’s a difference in the sense of community and personal training one gets when using the Megaformer. Since it’s used in fitness classes such as the Lagree Fitness Method at Level One, the Megaformer provides motivation and a community feel, which can be a significant factor in consistent workout engagement. There may be some group classes that use bikes or treadmills, but the experience is often less personalized and may not offer the same community support as those centered around more specialized equipment like the Megaformer.

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